Photo Journal: Visits IRHA Blue Schools in Nepal

-Blandine Barthod
My journey in Nepal was the opportunity to monitor the Blue Schools programmes implemented six years ago in the east of Pokhara. This task was very enriching and I had the privilege to be very close of the communities. For instance, I had the chance to catch the folkloric local buses and it was very exciting to experience the daily life of the population. For couple hours, I had the feeling I was a Nepali person! When interviewing students, I noticed the water situation greatly improved in the intervention area. The implementation of solar lifting system combined with rainwater harvesting systems considerably ameliorated the living conditions. Many households were provided with tap water, and they no longer need to walk hours for collecting water. However, populations living in the highest part of the mid-hills are still impacted and they suffer from severe water scarcity. Thus, the area still need larger scale projects for improving watershed management as well as environmental conditions.

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