Reforestation brings changes in the vegetation cover of the area, causes more evapotranspiration which changes the water cycle and thus enhances the water availability of the area. Reforestation activities was carried out in three Rain Communities; Hansapur, Majhkot and Begnas.

The reforestation activities in the Rain Communities covers more than 5.252 hectares of land. Also, plantation was done by individual households in nearby area of Thulakot Rain Community, which adds up the area covered by plantation activities.

Altogether, 2563 plant species are planted in the Rain Communities. For Thulakot Rain Community, 687 plants were distributed to the households for plantation and 573 plants in Begnas Rain Community. The reforestation campaign includes 220 plants in Begnas, 478 plants in Majhkot and 607 plants in Hansapur as shown in table 2.

Rain Communities (RCs)Number of plants in reforestationArea covered by reforestation (in hectares, ha)
Hansapur Rain Community (HRC)6071.678
Majhkot Rain Community (MRC)4763.23
Begnas Rain Community (BRC)2200.344
Total number of plants and area covered by reforestation in Rain Communities

All the plant species in reforestation have been protected by bamboo fencing. Each plant is tagged with its description recorded in an excel sheet in order to know the growth and survival of the species. Care-takers have been assigned for looking after the reforestation activities.

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