Blue Schools formulated by IRHA has been also launch for the first time in Kaski district of Nepal. Four schools from Thumki and Hansapur VDCs have been selected as per preliminary assessment done by Kanchan Nepal (KN). These VDCs are at the bottom of development index among other VDCs located at eastern part of Kaski district whereaccessibility of water and sanitation in community is very low and school as well. Not only in the sector of water and sanitation but also other development aspect these VDCs are retarded ones. Meantime having this Blue Schools Plus programme in these VDCs is break through that will bring charm and enthusiasm in community and children at their schools. Schools where, kids learn lot of things along with they will also privilege to know new task that going to be done. One of the activity “A child, a tree and a school, a garden “ action initiative that puts lot of enthusiasm among the students and teachers too. This is the opportunity where further generation are in touch with plants, trees , environment and similarly with nature. In days to come they will bear responsibility and care for environment protection and nature protection. Now the students and community comes to know the benefits of rain, they will learn from schools, since we are going to use rainwater in school from the roofs. Definitely the students intimate this rainwater harvesting technology in their home in some way. With the promotion of ecological sanitation where community people and teacher were sensitized and triggered with the beneficiaries of urine usages which meets the almost demand of fertilizer for farmers. Farmer’s group starts poly house technology nearby schools from where guardian will learn and experience new things so that the people can starts in household level too.