Rain Communities Resilience and Integrated Natural Resources Management for Communities in Mountains of Nepal was undertaken by KN in collaboration with IRHA with the support of Puplinge, Canton of Geneva and 1% for Development Fund (2019-2021). The project aimed to improve the health, living condition and resilience of the rural communities as well as restore the ecosystem. Specifically, it focused on improving the water availability and the nutrition of project’s target communities by strengthening their productive capacities and capacities to manage natural resources.

Water availability is always a concern for these communities living in water scarce area and facing water hardships for years. The settlements in these communities are on hilltops and the spring sources located downhill which takes more than an hour for water collection. Also, the available water supply schemes like solar and electrical water lifting systems in these communities were not functioning well and the water supply was irregular due to technical issues

and high cost involved for repairing/maintaining the systems. Construction of rainwater storage tanks helps the community to have access to water. At the same time, water is available for kitchen gardening and vegetable farming in poly-houses.

The project adopts an integrated approach to resource management, considering the entire catchment area. The available resources within the watershed area; water sources (spring sources and ponds), soil and forest resources are taken into consideration for the conservation and management.