Empowering community with water and sanitation services

All these issues affect the 4 rain communities (RC) - Thulakot, Begnas, Hansapur, Majhkot- identified in the rural areas east of Pokhara city (Kaski District, Nepal). The villagers suffer from poor management of rainwater resources, while they cannot meet all their water needs. Therefore, the “Rain Communities” project aims to improve the water situation of these RC by adopting integrated water resources management. This integrated conservation approach, applied at different watershed levels, helps to rehabilitate natural water cycle processes, improve groundwater recharge and increase water availability in the rural environment.

Rain Communities

The “Rain Communities” project aimed to improve the health, living conditions and resilience of rural communities and ecosystems in Nepal. The specific objective is to improve the water availability and nutrition of the project’s target communities by strengthening the production and natural resource management capacities of communities in the mountainous regions of Nepal.

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Blue School Program

Blue School is an innovative and integrated concept developed by International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) since 2005, with the aim of improving the health of children at school through access to drinking water, sanitation facilities, hygiene practices and resources management.